Java4K Contest

Here you find my Java4K contest tiny games collection. It consists of three tiny addictive games good for hours of fun. This collection consists of my entries into the yearly Java4K game programmer competition. The challenge of the competition is to create the best game possible in Java, in just 4096 bytes! There’s three games so far:

Wizzy 4K (2013)
A puzzle-platformer. Get Wizzy out alive using gravity inversion spells! Fourth place (of 68 entries) in the contest!

Farmer John and the Birds 4K (2013)
A small & hectic game of shooting birds before time runs out. Third place (of 68 entries) in the contest!

Galactic Conquest 4K – II (2013)
A simple but fun real-time space strategy game. Update to the 2012 version. This game was a test for the concepts underlying eXo PAX. If you like space strategy you may find this really addictive.

Here’s some screenshots:

You can download and play the collection as a Java .jar file using the link below. To play, unsip the file at a location and then run the game4k.jar file. Please note that you need to have Java installed to play this.