BeepingBoomBox – the free & easy sound effects generator

BeepingBoomBox is an easy-to-use free little sound effect generator I made to generate sounds for my own indie games. Use BeepingBoomBox to create sounds for your games or other media. Although this boombox does not have as many features as some other sound synthesizers, it is very easy to use and allows you to create a huge range of different sound effects with the press of just one button!




















  • generate a wide range of sound effects in just one click using the presets.
  • intuitive editing of frequency and volume envelopes using drag & drop.
  • mix sine, sawtooth, triangle, square and noise waveforms
  • refine the sound using echo, repeat effects and a filter
  • optional smoothing of the envelope lines for a nicer sound
  • load & save sound settings for sharing with your friends
  • export the result to a WAV file (different bitrates, stereo/mono, 16/8 bit) for use in your games or applications!


  1. Download and unzip the application to a location you can easily find
  2. Start BeepingBoomBox.exe
  3. Click a preset – a randomized sound of the selected kind is generated
  4. (optional) Edit the envelopes, echo or filter to change the sound effect and play the sound using the “play” button to hear what it sounds like
  5. Export to WAV using the file/export menu option (a “generated” directory is created for these files by default)
  6. Use the WAV file in your projects!






BeepingBoomBox is currently Windows only. The sounds you generate with BeepingBoomBox are free to use for non-profit and commercial purposes. Use this application at your own risk.